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Cooling Capes


Unique, One of a Kind Products, Manufactured in Miami, FL

Our innovative line of Cooling Capes are designed to keep you comfortable, cool, and

protected. Each product is hand-made and made from a soft cooling towel material, designed with your comfort in mind.  

Our products are made of lightweight, breathability, high-density and cooling mesh material.  The fabric absorbs the moisture and when wet stays cool and damp for a period of time.  It does not drip and is extremely light and soft to the touch (when wet or dry).  Just soak any of our products in water and feel immediate cooling relief – whether at school, the workplace, sporting activities and events or in your day-to-day interactions.  

With its comfortable design, cooling effect and breathability, Cooling Capes are Nerlyn’s family favorite products to use during their many daily activities! Every Cooling Cape comes with a soaking/storing pouch for cooling and protection on the go!

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