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the Founders

A Mom-Made Product for the Entire Family!

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Nerlyn Pierson is no stranger to hot, humid days.  Nerlyn, along with her mom, Nancy, created Cooling Capes to keep their family cool, comfortable and protected wherever they go.  Having two children of her own, Nerlyn saw that having fun running around outdoors or enjoying a day of activities could quickly turn dangerous without a cooling solution.

The mom and daughter duo designed Cooling Capes to protect their family from the heat and to help them stay cool while they having fun outdoors and in today's unprecedented times while indoors!  With UV 50+ sun protection, soft cooling mesh material that is cooling and breathable — Cooling Capes are Nerlyn’s family favorite to keep them cool and comfortable no matter what they are doing!

One of the things that makes Cooling Capes so cool (pun intended!) is that it is a US based company, manufacturing in Miami with its mission of providing employment opportunities to the local community.

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