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Cooling Capes

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08.01.2019 | New Age Mama Blog | Beach/Pool Product Review

Designed by a mom and daughter duo for their family, Cooling Capes provide sun and heat protection, keeping their family cool and blocking the sun’s harmful rays, without chemicals and without impeding on summer fun. [Read More]

07.23.2019 | San Diego Family | Beach/Pool Product Review

Headed to the beach, pool or water park this summer? Check out these cool new products to make your trip easy and fun, including our Cooling Capes, which made the list! [Check Out the List]

06.29.2019 | SoCal City Kids Blog | Summer Must Haves!

Check out the absolute summer must haves with Denise Anderson Bloomfield, who blogs about family and kid-friendly events in Southern California, and reviews products including books, movies and music. [Check Out the List]

06.20.2019 | Pink Mama's Blog | 10 Summer Bag Essentials

Are you and the kids ready for some SUMMER FUN? I know I need some of that sunshine in my life. My kids love to SWIM so I know we will be spending a lot of time at the beach, lake and swimming pools. I always double check to make sure my summer bag is packed with these essentials... [Check Out the List] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram]

06.01.2019 | First Time Parent Magazine | Stay Cool with Cooling Capes

Cooling Capes is featured in Fist Time Parent  Magazine as a must-have in baby gear! Check it out now! [Read Article]

05.16.2019 | Mommy's Block Party | Cooling Capes Keep Your Littles Cool All Summer

"Summer is right around the corner, or so I hope. The weather here has been crazy for May and the start of June. As it does get warmer out, though, my boys get hot and burned. We are all so fair skinned and my boys have always been prone to overheating..." [Read Full Article]

05.06.2019 | Marino Bambinos | Twitter

Monica gives a shout out to Cooling Capes on her Twitter! She covers topics related to parenting and motherhood, as well as lifestyle and fashions for mom and children. Check it out! [Twitter]

05.06.2019 | Parenting In Progress | 20 Spring Must-Haves for Outdoor Fun

Sun protection for everyone! Designed to keep you comfortable, cool and protected from the sun on a hot summer's day... [Read More] [Facebook] [Twitter]

05.01.2019 | Mom Does Reviews | Warm Weather Must-Haves Teeterpops, Cooling Capes, Forceflex Sunglasses & Wellslock Containers #SpringFunonMDF

It’s time to start enjoying the outdoors with these warm weather must-haves. We took our first spring trip to the beach and the weather peaked into the high 80’s reminding me that spring and hot days go hand in hand. [Read More]

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